Volleyball Training Equipment Ball Rebounder Aid For Solo Practice Tossing Up Overhand Serves and Hitting Spikes | Tether Returns Volley Ball To You | Includes Instructional eBook And Drawstring Bag

Brand: Ace Assistant

Color: Black


  • PERFECT SOLO VOLLEYBALL TRAINING EQUIPMENT FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS - Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Volley Ball Rebounder is a great Practice Aid to rapidly improve your Volleyball game skills or simply warm up before your match. You'll spend MORE time hitting Volley Balls and LESS time chasing them with the durable Elastic Bungee Cord acting as your ball buddy.
  • REINFORCED GEAR, EXTRA LONG TETHER ADJUSTS FROM 40-75 INCHES - Adjustable Elastic Cord gives you ample length to even hit Overhand Jump Serves and Spikes without the ball bouncing back into your face. UPGRADED JULY 2018 MODEL reinforced with a 1" thick tether, more than double the thickness of the competition!
  • FITS ALL VOLLEYBALL SIZES - Ball pouch is made from Velcro and Neoprene, securely fitting a wide range of Volley Ball sizes, including: Youth, Adult, Indoor and Beach Volleyballs.
  • 40-INCH LONG ADJUSTABLE WAISTBAND - From youth to teen to adult, the stretchable Neoprene belt and Velcro waist band is sure to fit anyone's waist comfortably.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, LIFETIME WARRANTY - Buy with confidence knowing that if you aren't happy with your purchase, or experience any issues, we're here to help with Hassle-Free Refunds and/or Replacements. BONUS ACCESSORIES: DRAWSTRING TRAVEL BAG KIT AND AN EMAILED COPY OF OUR VOLLEYBALL INSTRUCTIONAL EBOOK INCLUDED - Hey Volleyball mom! What a great sports gift for your girls and boys!

Publisher: Ace Assistant

Details: Ace Assistant's Volley Ball Rebounder, The Ultimate Solo Volleyball Training Equipment!

Spend MORE time hitting Volley Balls and LESS time chasing them! The Elastic Tether increases your warm up and conditioning reps by returning the ball to you after each strike.

Why Buy The Ace Assistant Ball Rebounder Gear Over The Competition?

Our elastic tether adjusts up to 75 inches long, 23 inches longer than the leading competition. That means you can practice your form on full arm swings or even tossing up overhand serves without the cord tangling or recoiling into your face - avoiding that "six-pack" effect.

NEW & IMPROVED JULY 2018 MODEL features a heavy duty buckling clip and 1-inch thick elastic tether, more than double the thickness of the competition. So, you'll get more reps in without your Ball Rebounder snapping or breaking.

Key Features & Benefits:

- Reinforced 1-Inch Thick Tether can withstand heavy use in a variety of sports facilities, indoors, outdoors or at the beach!
- Ball Tether Rope adjusts from 40 - 75 Inches.
- Ball Pouch accommodates all Volley Ball sizes, from youth to adult, indoor and beach balls.
- 40 Inch Adjustable Velcro Waistband fits all waist sizes from girls to boys and adult men to women waists.
- Makes a great Volleyball gift for your boy or girl!

Each Kit Includes A Drawstring Travel Bag And Our Instructional eBook, "How To Hit A Volleyball: Discover The Top 3 Methods"

You'll Learn the most important hitting techniques, including the Underhand Server (for Beginners), Overhand Serve (for Intermediate/Advanced) and Bumping (for All Experience Levels).

Buy with confidence knowing your purchase is backed by Ace Assistant's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty!

Now Step Your Volleyball Skill Up By Increasing Your Practice Serving Reps With Your Own Volley Ball Rebound Trainer!

UPC: 720562999061

EAN: 0720562999061

Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 5.3 x 3.5 inches

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