Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener's Drip Kit

Brand: Rain Bird

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  • Provides everything needed to install a watering saving Drip system with coverage up to 75 square feet in garden or landscaped areas
  • Precise Drip watering for green, healthy plant growth with low water usage and fewer weeds
  • Simple installation without need for digging or plumbing skills. 50 feet tubing
  • Waters root zone of plants with emitter devices for better health and water savings up to 40%
  • Includes installation tool to simplify insertion and removal of small barbed fittings and drippers/emitters
  • 50-piece kit with instruction manual: includes spot watering emitters, 1/4" distribution tubing, stakes, and fittings, 1/2" emitter and distribution tubing, stakes and fittings, plus regulator and faucet connection kit

Publisher: Rain Bird

Details: Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener's Drip Kit. Convenient kit provides everything you need to Drip irrigate a garden or landscaped area of up to 75 square feet with maximum watering efficiency; hydrating the root zone of plants for better health and water savings up to 65%. Installs easily without any digging or plumbing skills required. Features Rain Bird’s rugged 1/2” emitter tubing with built-in pressure compensating .09 gallon per hour emitters every 18” to provide uniform end-to-end watering of vegetable rows, ground cover and other closely spaced plants. Attaches easily to your outside faucet or hose with included multi-function Faucet Connection Kit which regulates pressure, filters sediment and prevents back flow; the three essentials for a Drip system to work efficiently. Pressure-compensating dripper/emitters and 1/4” Drip tubing are included for spot watering of individual plants. Rain Bird's pressure-compensating technology ensures all plants receive the same amount of water regardless of their position along the tubing run. Patented emitters are designed for clog-resistant flow to ensure even, reliable watering with zero maintenance. Professional-grade tubing features industry leading flexibility for tighter turns with fewer elbows providing fast, easy installation as well as unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage. Tubing's unique Micro-Porous construction creates an ultra-tight connection; it expands over fittings then shrinks making it almost impossible to remove without cutting. Simple installation involves connection to outside faucet or hose; running Blank Distribution tubing on top of the ground to the planting area, where you place Emitter tubing and drippers/emitters near the base of your plants. Cover with soil or mulch material to hide tubing. All watering devices are clog resistant and specifically designed to provide dependable watering of all plants, helping ensure consistent growth, better vegetable yields and resistance to disease. Includes patented one-step Emitter Installation/Removal Tool to speed up and simplify insertion and removal of small barbed fittings and drippers/emitters. To automate your system, add a Rain Bird 1ZEHTMR Hose-End Timer (sold separately). Each Gardener’s Drip Kit contains: (1) Faucet Connection Kit, (1) 50’ x 1/2” roll emitter tubing, (1) 50’ x 1/2” blank distribution tubing roll, (1) 25’ x 1/4” blank distribution tubing, (2) 1/2” barbed couplings, (3) 1/2” barbed tees, (2) 1/2” barbed elbows, (1) 1/2” end closure, (10) galvanized stakes, (5) 1/4” barbed tees, (2) 1/4” barbed couplings, (5) 1/4” tubing stakes, (10) 1/4” tubing plugs, (5) 1.0 gallon per hour spot watering emitters, (1) emitter installation/removal tool. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”

UPC: 077985002381

EAN: 0077985002381

Package Dimensions: 18.3 x 18.3 x 6.8 inches

Languages: English

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