Oak Dweller 14 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit - Ultimate EDC Survival Gear

Life reveals itself with spectacular challenges. Overcome them and you will achieve greatness!

The Oak Dweller Kit was designed to improve your outdoor experience, even in unforeseen circumstances. Our mission was to create a product which gives you the means to overcome any challenges and unlock your true adventurer spirit.

1 LED Flashlight - made of solid aluminium alloy, adjustable to 3 modes (batteries not included)
2 KNIFE - premium quality professional knife with stainless blade and aluminium handle
3 EMERGENCY PEN - pen with tungsten point made of heavy duty aluminium alloy
4 WHISTLE - dual tube design with key ring generates high decibels sounds
5 COMPASS - aluminium lightweight with carabiner
6 STANDALONE FIRE STARTER - magnesium and iron
7 PARACORD BRACELET - 4 IN 1 Survival Bracelet
8 MULTI TOOL CARD - 11 tools stainless steel card
9 WIRE SAW - made of stainless steel
10 WATER BOTTLE CLIP - Nylon web with Velcro
11 CARABINER - durable lightweight carabiner with lock system
12 EMERGENCY BLANKET - compact and lightweight made of PET
13 USB LIGHT - bendable USB LED light to be used for any 5V USB ports
14 BOX - extra-large premium case with rope hanger, wet resistant

Made of high quality materials and carefully selected to cover all outdoor needs, your Survival Kit will be there for many adventures to come! Go explore the mountains, the woods and the entire world! As long as you take this kit, you are always prepared!
We know our product is Best Quality and it will last a lifetime, so if you have any issues we are very happy to provide a replacement. Just LET US KNOW and we will replace it, no questions asked.

  • TOP QUALITY: Our 14 in 1 Survival Kit contains only PREMIUM items carefully selected to improve your outdoor experience and last for many years to come. We took the time and tested our items so that you and your dear ones enjoy your journeys. Compared to other kits, no useless or cheap quality tool was included, so you don’t have to worry about having no resources when the unforeseen happens. Get PREPARED NOW AND OVERCOME the spectacular and extreme challenges life reveals itself with!
  • COMPLETE: Our Emergency Kit has the MOST COMPLETE RANGE of items: Professional Knife, Flashlight, Fire Starter, Compass, Emergency Steel Pen, Whistle, Paracord Bracelet, Wire Saw, Multi Tool Card, Carabiner, Bottle Clip, USB Light + Emergency Blanket, all inside a large weather-resistant case. INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL is included to make the gadgets easy to use by anyone, whether it is a boy or girl scout, a prepper, an urban driver in distress or a family out on a trip to remember a lifetime.
  • VERSATILE: TAKE IT WITH YOU Camping, Backpacking, Hunting, Hiking, Biking, in the Wilderness or in any other Adventure you can think of, irrespective if it’s winter or summer, rain or fierce sun. Our kit will help you in any situation, so all you need to do now is plan your next experience and unlock your true adventurer spirit! It’s also perfect as an everyday carry in your car or other vehicles.
  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT: There is no better way to IMPRESS and SURPRISE your dear ones than by offering them the key to their lifetime adventures and the protection they need to fully enjoy the surroundings they come across? Beautifully packed, in a SPECIAL DESIGNED GIFT BOX, this survival kit will make a highly appreciated present and your gesture will certainly not pass unnoticed. Who would you buy it for?
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your satisfaction is Our #1 Priority! Our Emergency Survival Kit is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with unlimited free lifetime replacement warranty, no cost or effort from your side. As we are confident in the quality of our product, if something ever happens to any item of your kit, WE WILL REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY!

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