Mahannah's Sci-Fi Universe Laser Engraved Star Trek USS Enterprise Lineage Bamboo Decorative Kitchen Cutting & Serving Board

Brand: Mahannah's Sci-Fi Universe

Color: Wood,tan


  • We heard your feedback and we listened!! We're proud to announce our bigger and thicker next generation board!! The Perfect Gift For That Star Trek Fan..If You Love Star Trek,You'll Love This Decorative,Functional Cutting Board!!
  • Durable Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board With The Lineage Of Star Trek's Famous USS Enterprise Custom Laser Engraved Into It. Our Engraved Products Use Only The Highest Quality Lasers Available On The Market. These Machines Take Years Of Training & Experience With Engraving To Achieve The Level Of Detail In Our Products..The Detail Is Incredible!!
  • Made Of Durable,Renewable Natural Bamboo. Help The Environment...Use Bamboo,Not Plastic!!
  • Makes an Amazing Piece For Wall Art/Home Decor Or A Party Tray/Charcuterie Board. It Can Be Used As a Versatile Kitchen Or Bar Utensil....Use The Back Side For Cutting & Food Prep (Our Board Will Not Dull Your Knives!!) Then Display The Engraved Side As A Serving Tray And A Great Conversation Piece!!
  • Dimensions: 13 3/4" x 9 7/8" x 9/16"

Publisher: Blue Fire Engraving

Details: We heard your feedback and we listened!! We're proud to announce our bigger and thicker next generation board!!

This is our exclusive rectangle bamboo cutting board with the lineage of Star Trek's USS Enterprise Laser engraved into it. Dimensions 13 3/4" x 9 7/8" x 9/16"

No explanation is needed for a Star Trek fan...You've just found the perfect gift for them!! If you love Star Trek,you need one of these cutting boards!!

Each board is custom engraved with the lineage and legacy of the famous USS Enterprise from the Star Trek universe starting with the first sailing ship named Enterprise up to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

Our cutting board doubles as wall art and a functional kitchen or bar utensil,so show off the engraving on the front and use the back for cutting. Our board will not dull your knives.

Don't use plastic cutting boards...Since our boards are made of bamboo,you'll be using one of the world's most renewable,environmentally friendly and durable resources. So, by using our boards,not only do you have an awesome, functional conversation piece, you're helping the environment too!!

Our boards are custom made using laser engraving. Bamboo is an awesome material for this as the laser reacts differently to each board creating crisp images of all of the ships and really cool variances in shading. Because of this, each board is unique and one of-a-kind!!

EAN: 7426898596150

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.4 x 0.4 inches

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