Luffy My First pet Plant Nano Marimo Moss Ball - Fun, Bright and Fluffy - Introduction to Green World - for Educational, DIY Projects - Instigate Natural Learning Habitat

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  • EXTREMELY LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CARE FOR --- Because the beautiful Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls are so low maintenance and easy to care for, they make a perfect first plant or pet for children. Caring for marimo teach a child responsibility for a living thing, but since they have minimal survival requirements, a child won't get overwhelmed and will want to continue on with the wonderful journey of learning about botany and biology.
  • CAN SURVIVE FOR A CENTURY --- With proper care, Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls can survive for many years, even up to a century (100 years). With minimal requirements, such as indirect sunlight and biweekly water changes, these fascinating aquatic plants thrive for so long that they can be passed down from generation to generation making them an extraordinary living family heirloom.
  • INTERESTING AND ENLIGHTENING MARIMO HISTORY --- Along with learning about the responsibilities of raising a living organism, children can also learn about the interesting history and symbolism of the intriguing Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls. Originally discovered in 1823, this rare and exotic algae has now become a popular aquatic plant all around the world. According to Japanese folklore, marimo is symbolic of good luck and eternal love.
  • EDUCATIONAL NATURAL LEARNING HABITAT --- The exciting package of six Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls can be split up and placed in different entertaining and educational natural learning habitats. All sorts of aquatic life love to live with and swim around marimo, such as colorful betta fish, amusing sea monkeys and fascinating triops. Combining various types of organisms doubles the fun and the learning experience.
  • GREAT FOR KID-FRIENDLY PROJECTS & GIFTS --- With so many creative projects to do with the Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls, parents and teachers have fun with kids of all ages while learning about a different culture. Everyone can create their own unique mini aquarium by placing marimo in a clear glass vessel and adding decorations like shells, stones and other living marine life. Find a corked bottle and some colorful crystals to make a clever gift that your child can give to a relative or friend.

Publisher: Luffy Pets Collection

Details: What exactly is marimo?
Although typically referred to as a moss ball, marimo is actually a form of spherical algae that lives on the floors of freshwater lakes. These aquatic plants start out at approximately 0.6" (1.5cm) and grow at about 5 mm a year, eventually reaching sizes of up to 10" (25cm) and living for as long as a century.

What is so special about marimo?
Marimo is considered so rare and special in Japan that this aquatic plant was once declared a National Treasure and has a three day festival dedicated entirely to the marimo plant. Children in Japan even regard their marimo as favorite pets. More than just a plant, marimo has an intriguing history and is symbolic of eternal love, good luck and prosperity. Presently, this beautiful green algae has become quite popular and is making its way into homes all over the world.

What will my child need to do to take care of marimo?
A little love goes a long way with the low maintenance Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls. The only basic requirement for this aquatic plant is water. Marimo prefer room temperature water and minimal sunlight. For your plant to thrive, try to change the water approximately once every two weeks.

I am a teacher. What can my students learn from growing marimo?
Raising living marimo moss balls in the classroom not only brightens the atmosphere, but also provides a unique learning opportunity to teach students about the incredible history and symbolism of the beautiful green algae, and also the personal responsibility of growing a living plant. As this particular plant is fairly low maintenance, it encourages students of all ages and studies to delve deeper into the wonderful world of aquatic plants.

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