KAN Core Chef Knife 8-inch VG-10 67 layers Damascus Ambidextrous (Hammered VG-10 Blade, Ebony wood handle-new AUS-10 version in dropdown)

Brand: KAN


  • NOTE: This knife is the early version of the KAN Core chef knife. The most recent variations are AUS-10, and you can select them from the dropdown menu.
  • HARD & STRONG: The core of the 7.9-inch (200mm) KAN Core chef knife is Japanese special steel VG-10. The special makeup of VG-10 allows for a high hardness (59-60 HRC) without becoming brittle. This means our blade can take a very sharp edge and retain it for a long time, yet it also avoids chipping easily. This core is clad by 66 layers of Damascus stainless steel, giving it strength, corrosion resistance, as well as a beautiful, one-of-a-kind pattern.
  • BALANCED: We balanced our knives right at the pinch point, so you intuitively use a blade grip (much safer, and much better control). Meticulously weighted, this knife helps you avoid hand fatigue from excessive pushing and excessive weight.
  • BEAUTIFUL: The Damascus pattern, hammered finish, and a beautiful dark ebony wood handle all combine to create a work of art you'll be proud to have in your kitchen.
  • PRECISION-MADE: We put a lot of care into creating this knife. We strongly recommend that you care for it by always hand-washing and drying it immediately after.

Publisher: KAN Kitchen

Details: Your kitchen will never be the same again. KAN in Japanese means intuition, perception, or having a 'sixth sense'. We created a knife that transforms your time and tasks in the kitchen into an experience. Having a high-quality knife turns what used to be a chore into a pleasurable experience that you will look forward to; it is truly that big of a difference. Three main things make the KAN Core chef knife perfect for the aspiring home chef: Blade VG-10 core 60 HCR Clad with 66 stainless layers Double-beveled 15° angle 7.9" (200 mm) Razor sharp right out of the box Balance Balanced just in front of bolster Encourages a chef's or 'pinch' grip Weighted for power and control Light enough to avoid fatigue Perfect fit for right or left hand Beauty Beautiful, true damascus pattern Choice of hammered or non-hammered Choice of beautiful ebony or G10 handle Mirror polish and rounded spine edges Symmetrical inverse teardrop handle and cap Seriously Hard Core The microexamination of a cross-section of a KAN Core chef knife shows how the VG-10 core is clad by 66 stainless steel layers. The importance of the core can't be emphasized enough (and please beware of fake VG-10 knives), as both the composition and heat treatment of the core will determine how hard, strong, and brittle your blade will be. Our knives are treated to approximately 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Much softer, and you won't be able to retain a sharp edge for long. Much harder, and your blade will chip under normal usage. That said, please do not use a KAN Core chef knife on frozen foods, bones, granite counter tops, etc. Just like you wouldn't take a Ferrari off-roading in the mud and rocks, please protect your blade's edge with care--it took a lot of work to get it the way it is.

UPC: 184331000639

EAN: 0184331000639

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches

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