INMAKER Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Exercise Bands for Physical Therapy, Mini Elastic Bands


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  • Ideal helpers for daily workout, fat burning, therapy, advanced training, etc. Combining INMAKER bands with various workouts opens a whole new world. Stabilizing muscles that are hard to get with many equipment can be intensified.
  • Pocket Gym. Lightweight bands come with a portable bag and a workout instruction. In office break, on travel rest, anytime and anywhere, taking them with you helps keep and extend your perseverance.
  • Two options. Funda for regular workout. Max strengths (lbs): 10, 15, 20, 30, 40. Pro.V for challenging workout. Max strengths (lbs): 20, 30, 40, 45, 60. Choose your type according to your current status and needs.
  • For scientific training, 5 graduated strengths is marked with max strength values. 1 set is enough to help work out your whole body, both big muscle groups and small muscles. Also, sharing them spice up the whole family.
  • More fun and joy. Natural latex is odor free, elastic, easy on skin, and does not twist up. The more comfortable helpers, the more workout you enjoy. The more you enjoy, the better result and persistence you will earn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are resistance loop bands used for? Is Funda or Pro.V better?
A. One set for the whole body. (Get more instructions from our E-book and online video right after purchase.)
Loop bands serve as an ideal helper for workout, rehab, fat burning, stretch, improving agility/ strength/ stability.
1 set of 5 different bands are used for calisthenics, yoga, Pilates, p90x, HIIT, insanity, etc.
Choose your type:
a. Funda (regular). Strengths (lbs): 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 25-30, 30-40.
b. Pro.V (stronger). Strengths (lbs): 15-20, 25-30, 30-40, 40-45, 55-60.

Q. I'm not sure, bands roll up and move in the workout?
A. Not at all if you keep slow and controlled moves. Besides, don't forget to keep the band extended for better resistance as you move.

Q. How do I access to workout instruction E-book?
A. It's sent by email attachment. E-book includes training on whole body. Back, shoulders, chest, arms, core, butt, legs, feet, integrated training and body weight training; workout programs for beginner, intermediate and progression; loop band storage and maintenance; access to full version workout videos, etc. PS: If you did not receive our E-book after purchase, please contact us to resend.

Q. Where do I watch online videos?
A. Bonus access to workout video online. It is available in the E-book. PS: If you had problems to reach videos please contact us for assistance.

Q. Life Time Satisfaction Guarantee.
A. For ANY problems, contact us via this link anytime for assistance. We will response asap:
eg. If...
a. Defectives. We take strict inspections and quality tests on every single pc, so if you did receive defectives, please contacted us for replacement. No problem at all.
b. Chose a wrong size. Replacement? Of course, please contact us and get the right items.
c. Lost your manual/E-book/video? Leave us a message thru the above link. We will resend.
d. Thoughts and opinions about this product? Click link and tell us how you like it! You're always welcome.

Publisher: INMAKER


He who has health has hope.

The earliest and best time is NOW. Stop dreaming and move your butt!

Why and How Versatile for users?

* INMAKER resistance loop bands can be integrated amazingly with many workouts, ie, general exercises, fat burning, body shaping, injury rehabilitation, stretch and relax, muscle carving, advanced training, etc.
* Spice up popular workout programs: Beach Body, Crossfit, HIIT, Insanity, Muscle Carving, P90x, Pilates, Yoga, etc.

Rehab and Health Keeping Helpers

* Rehabilitation helpers for sport injury (torn ligament, MCL, ACL, joint or muscle sprains, etc), fracture, and postoperative physical recovery. Applied for exercising big muscle groups, small muscles, hamstrings and joints.
* Loop band exercises are milder, and this would help keep health for mother-to-be and her unborn baby in pregnancy. Besides, loop band exercises are useful in postpartum recovery and body re-shaping for mothers.

Benefits from 5 Bands of Graduated Strengths

* Graduated resistances for taking progressive steps in different parts and muscle intensification.
* 5 bands are enough to work out the whole body. Different parts require different strengths.
* Have fun and health with the whole family. Comfortable bands are easy for both seniors and kids.
* Break limits on time and place. Anytime and anywhere, your gym is taken with you.

Packing List
Resistance Loop Bands * 5
Drawstring Bag * 1
Workout Instruction * 1

How Easy to Maintain!
1. Keep them away from both extreme temperatures and sharp or abrasive surfaces.
2. If loop bands become sticky: clean (wipe with a damp cloth), get dry, and then dust with talcum powder (or baby powder, cornstarch).

INMAKER is your solution provider. Contact us anytime you find problems using our products.

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