I Plus Inc. New Improved 2 in 1 Pet Grooming Glove Hair Removal Deshedding, Massage and Bathing Brush Long Short Fur for Dogs, Cats, Horses

Brand: I Plus Inc.

Color: Blue


  • ✔️PET HAIR DESHEDDING IS DONE WITH MUCH EASY AND PLEASURE: This Pet Grooming Glove unlike other brush is perfect for deshedding of your dogs, cats or other pets hair. Whether your pets has long or short fur, you won't have to deal with the messy hair around your pet again. This glove will perfectly takes care of them. More importantly you do this with so much pleasure playing with your pets. Deshed your animals while you're petting them.
  • ✔️GENTLE MASSAGING ON YOUR PET SKIN: The Pet Grooming Glove won't harm your pet skin because of its gentleness on their skin. It is made of silicone which is soft and gentle on natural skin. It will improve coat quality of your dog - perhaps a benefit of massaging the skin and stimulating hair growth (more hair?? - better hair). Their coats are softer and glossier.
  • ✔️THE SOFT BRISTLES MAKES YOUR PET FEELING RELAXED: The softness of the bristles on your pet makes them much more relaxed during hair removal, deshedding and massaging. This is the brush to get for desheding, you don't need any other one. Click the Buy Now Button and Place Your Order!
  • ✔️PROVIDE SO MUCH COMFORT FOR YOUR FURRY ANIMAL FRIENDS: This Pet Deshedding Glove can be used over the whole body of your pets including legs, soft belly, tail, and even the head. All areas can actually be massaged, which the pets enjoys. This deshedding tool is for all furry animals like cat, dog, horse, rabbit, cattle, etc. We guarantee that your pet will love our Pet Hair Glove. Many pet groomers are already relying on it as one of the most outstanding glove brushes for eliminating shedding!
  • ✔️2018 NEW AND IMPROVED UPGRADED VERSION: This Pet Grooming Brush is Upgraded with the front and back of each pair have deshedding and grooming effect unlike the former one that only the front has its purpose. This allows you to switch conveniently without having to remove the gloves from your hand. So ORDER NOW and enjoy the convenience of this Pet Grooming Glove that your animal friends will love.

Publisher: SmileGifts


If you prefer a clean and allergy free environment because of your pets furry mess this NEW and IMPROVED 2-in-1 PET GROOMING GLOVE is exactly the right thing that you need. You can avail this Pet Grooming Glove at a cheap price!

The front part have enough soft silicon points to remove all the shedding that your pets will drop on the floor and floating on the air. While on the other side of our pet deshedding glove can be used for regular petting that feels so good on your pet. No more stressful chasing trying to comb your pet. Our high-quality Pet Grooming gloves were designed to be extremely gentle with your pet bringing only satisfaction and pleasure time with your animal friend. As you see, we have thought everything out for this particular problem of yours. Our grooming gloves is just what you need!

Benefits of our pet hair gloves:

✔️ Our Pet Grooming Brush is good for deshedding and loose hair removal on your animal friends.
✔️ It will make massaging much more comfortable massaging time for your pet because of its 179 silicone tips.
✔️ It will keep your place hygienic and allergy free so dealing with those messy pets hair around your house will be easy as A, B, C.
✔️ The materials we used will surely last longer than your other pet glove hair removal because we only use what is good for our furry friends.
✔️ Need to save money? I can assure you that you will never have to hire a professional groomer ever again, because we made cleaning, grooming and petting much easier for you and your pet!

UPC: 730133429675

EAN: 0730133429675

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches

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