Hockey and Soccer Sports Tape (6 Pack) - Clear, Strong, Hypoallergenic Poly Athletic Tape For Shin Pads, Guards, and Socks, Adhesive Tapes For the Ice and Field, Lacrosse, Cricket and Sport Training

Brand: JR's House of Hockey


  • DON'T SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR QUANTITY: At JR's House of Hockey, we've got you covered. Literally. With our high-impact sports tape, you don't need to pick quantity over quality. With 82 feet of durable athletic sports tape per roll and 6 rolls per package, that's almost 500 feet of premium shin wrap tape at your disposal. Just one order of JR's premium, high quality shin wrap tape should last you throughout the hockey season and maybe into next.
  • YOU SHOULD BE MOVING, YOUR TAPE SHOULDN'T: Low quality, grip tape for shin pads lose their stickiness when it's exposed to sweat, heat, and movement. The last thing you want is your shin guard pads falling down or off because your hockey tape isn't doing it's job. This athletic tape is waterproof, so it stands up to humidity, rain, heat, sweat, and dirt, ensuring your protective equipment remains stationary regardless of how much you don't.
  • NO PAIN, MORE GAIN: Made of polyethylene, you won't have trouble securing our tape and removing it because we don't have negative characteristics associated with strong tape, like ripping hair or skin. Comprised of a strong yet flexible material, this tape stretches slightly to meet the range of motion that's demanded of the sport without digging into your skin or pulling at leg hair. Hockey is demanding enough without the nuisance of uncomfortable tape distracting you.
  • AS EFFECTIVE AS VELCRO STRAPS: Shin pads for hockey and other sports often have velcro straps. These straps are notorious for digging into your leg, creating friction, not staying on, and being bulky altogether. At JRs House of Hockey, we say just forgo all that unnecessary inconvenience that velcro straps add. Our lightweight, waterproof, flexible shin tape adhesive has all the benefits of sports shin guards with straps but without the adverse problems that come along with them.
  • SO VERSATILE: While JR's House of Hockey created polyethylene strong-hold tape for ice hockey shin pads, our clear, multi use sports tape can be used for multiple sports including soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and any athletic venture that requires padding. Keep a few rolls in your gym bag or sports bag for any potential, last minute pickup game or equipment malfunction.

Publisher: JR's House of Hockey

Details: Sports Are Fun But Not When You're Uncomfortable
If you're an active person, you need this tape. It's multifunctional and multifaceted, so even though it was designed primarily to keep hockey leg pads and guards in place, it really can be used for most things that need a quick, temporary repair. Sports equipment can be uncomfortable, heavy, sweaty, and painful. It also has a tendency to not stay in place, particularly if you are playing extreme sports. With JR's House of Hockey sports equipment tape, you can cut back on bulk and misplacement with a thin, flexible material. It won't pull or hurt your skin or hair when you take it off and it's light, so you'll barely notice you're even wearing it. Sports should be fun, not uncomfortable. Stop focusing on your equipment fitting correctly, and worry more about the actual sport. Leave the small details to us!

Why JR's House of Hockey Tape Is Superior To Others On The Market:
*It won't come off during play
*It's waterproof, sweatproof, and snowproof
*Easy to tear - just use your hands, no need for scissors
*Formulated to move with you so there's no restriction of motion
*Enhances support
*Designed for use for high ankle springs
*Comfortable, barely noticeable

Product Details:
6 rolls
82 Feet per roll
.94 inches thick

UPC: 685642906929

EAN: 0685642906929

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.0 x 3.1 inches

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