Grown Ass Man Co. - Solid Shampoo Bar Rich Lather 3 in 1: Hair, Beard and Body Wash - 4 ounce bar (Variety, 3-Pack)

Brand: Grown Ass Man

Color: white


  • MADE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS AND CONDITIONING OILS to be a perfect everyday shampoo that cleans hair without stripping. Each bar is formulated with a combination of essential oils that also help condition your hair and scalp. "Condition your scalp," you say? Yes sir. A lot of regular shampoos forget about that - but a healthy scalp is the foundation for a great head of hair. Also keeps away dandruff, dry skin and other stuff that doesn't help you look your best.
  • STRONGLY SCENTED WITH A MIGHTY NICE RICH LATHER. We want you to smell good all day, and, after all - you're a man and you might not even notice unless we made it strong. The rich lather makes sure that the fine ingredients we build into every Grown Ass Man Co., Shampoo bars reach all of your hairs and your scalp. Lather has a purpose? Oh yes. Yes it does.
  • GREAT FOR BEARDS OR AS A FULL BODY WASH. We get asked all the time if Grown Ass Man Co. Shampoo Bars work on beards. They most certainly do. (Hint: Your beard is made of hair, you magnificent bearded gentleman.) The essential oils and conditioning agents actually make it a lot more effective than just using soap on your beard, in fact. Our bars also work great as a full body soap. Our long lasting bars won't last quite as long that way - but your skin will thank you for it.
  • LONG LASTING & SUSTAINABLE. Meant to last as long as 2 or 3 bottles of liquid shampoo depending on how well you take care of your bar. Made from naturally occurring ingredients around the world, Grown Ass Man Shampoo Bars were created to help the planet by providing you a cleanser with a low carbon footprint. We use only certified organic base oils in our shampoo and want you to feel safe knowing that we will never de-prioritize quality, sustainability, or health.
  • Grown Ass Man Co. FAMILY GUARANTEE: We at GAMCo. work hard to bring you a product that you love. We built our shampoo bars to help men like you out so that you can live a better life. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please reach out and we'll be sure to make it right with you. Thank you.

Publisher: Grown Ass Man

Details: Natural Shampoo Bar

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.9 x 1.5 inches

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