Grandpa's Book Of Crosswords: 100 novelty crosswords

Author: Clarity Media

ISBN: 1503284093

Number Of Pages: 102

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2014-11-18

Details: Welcome to this book of 100 crosswords for Grandpa: the perfect gift for Grandpa's birthday or at Christmas!

The book features a huge range of novel crossword variants so there'll be plenty to challenge Grandpa's crossword solving skills. Solutions to all puzzles are at the back of the book, and there are full instructions at the start of the book on every puzzle type.

Here's a list of the crossword puzzle types on offer in this book full of all-new puzzles:

- Half-alphabet crosswords: all answers must only contain letters from the first half of the alphabet.
- Jigsaw crosswords: piece the puzzle back together from small pieces
- Ladder crosswords: fill the ladder-shaped grid
- Just the Once crossword: 26 clues, each starts with a letter from A-Z once.
- Word squares: mini-crosswords where the answers read the same horizontally and vertically
- Pangram crosswords: every letter from A-Z appears in the grid
- Star letter crosswords: every answer contains the stated letter
- Triplet crosswords: every answer starts with one of three stated letters
- Anagram crosswords: the clues are anagrams of the answers: can you solve them?
- A-Z puzzles: 26 blanks must be filled with A-Z just once: can you work out where?
- Double definition: one puzzle, two clues per answer
- Every letter counts: Each stated letter appears in the solution grid once
- Skeleton crosswords: Solve the crossword and fill the grid pattern in at the same time
- Spiral crosswords: answers work round in a spiral format to the centre of the grid
- Vowelless crosswords: the clues are the answers without their vowels

With no less than 15 fun and novel crossword variants, this book of puzzles is a cut above the standard fare of a book containing ordinary quick crosswords, and sure to provide many hours of crossword-solving fun.

All of our books are printed on very high quality paper making the puzzle experience all the more enjoyable!

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EAN: 9781503284098

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.0 x 0.2 inches

Languages: English