GAMEKING Classic Blue Light Blocking Clip-on/Flip-up Computer Glasses Video Gaming Glasses Rimless | Easy Fit on Rx Frames | Digital Eyestrain Fatigue Dry Eyes Relief Eye Protection Sleep Better



  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT & UV - our patented amber tinted lens block 60% blue light in overall with perfect balance of filtering 85% very harmful blue light in the 400~440nm wavelength and allowing transmittance of 56% less harmful or even beneficial blue light in the 440~500nm wavelength. Blocking too much light or wearing too dark color lens may affect vision or increase risk of color weakness (partially colorblind) over time.
  • NO MORE EYE STRAINS & GLARES - anti reflective (AR) coating and tinted lens eliminate glare, improve contrast, and enhance depth perception, reducing digital eye strains, eye fatigue, and headache, optimizing visual acuity clarity with fewer distractions and more viewing comfort, and helping fall asleep faster. Ideal for working, gaming, or browsing on PC, tablets, smart phones, TV or near office LED lights.
  • EASY MONEY SAVING SOLUTION compared to paying expensive coating for new prescription glasses - can be easily clipped onto and fit over your current prescription eyeglasses. Work with any frames including rimless ones. SILICONE FEET COVER can effectively protect your lens from scratching and increase friction to prevent sliding. PLEASE check out the detailed dimensions shown in the picture before purchase!
  • FDA REGISTERED manufacturer and product assure your satisfaction on the product quality. Lens have passed FDA Drop Ball Test to ensure impact resistance and safety. Made with lightweight and durable premium alloy materials. WEIGHS ONLY 12g (0.42oz). Functional coating layers offer fog oils or stain-repellent, easy-to-clean, abrasion and scratch-resistant benefits.
  • 1 YEAR BREAKAGE WARRANTY + 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - contact the seller in case of any breakage and we will solve the problem until satisfaction. GIFT WORTHY PACKAGE include 1 hard case, 1 soft cleaning cloth, and 1 soft protective pouch. The outer box is made from 100% recycled fiber and is 100% recyclable.

Legal Disclaimer: Minors under eighteen years age need to consult optician or primary physician for using this product.

Publisher: Crystal Stone

Details: Features Block harmful blue light Protect against UV radiation Regularize sleeping patterns Improve contrast and reduce glare Provide better depth and color perception Promote visual acuity Easy clip-on and flip-up, can be applied to any prescription glasses. GAMEKING Computer/Gaming Glasses improve visual performance and viewing comfort, and alleviate eye strain and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome for those with 20/20 or 20/20 corrected vision. GAMEKING series frames are delicately forged with materials chosen from TR-90 (a thermoplastic polyamide), laminated zylonite (acetate cellulose), super lightweight steel and carbon fibers that are all incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight. Models with full-rim frame design offer dimensional stability, comfortable and dynamic fit, and eliminate screws loosening and other potential mechanical failures. Immersion plating or spray painting technologies make the frames scratch and wear resistant. Ergonomically designed frames with flexible temples (arms) fit a wide range of face profiles. Streamlined medical grade silicone nose pads ensure reduced pressure and comfortable fit. Crystal clear and lightweight thermoplastic polycarbonate lenses, injection-molded, offer superior color perception, shatterproof and durability. GAMEKING series also feature an option of clip-on and flip-up amber tint glasses that can be easily clipped onto any prescription glasses. GAMEKING Computer/Gaming Glasses are ideal choices for those with high visual demands of computer work and video gaming.

UPC: 842208100140

EAN: 0842208100140

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 2.8 x 2.1 inches

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