Family Secrets - The Perfect Cross-Generational Family Game. Opens Up Uninhibited Dialogue Between Kids / Teens & Adults / Parents. Deluxe Edition.

Brand: Family Game Developers

Edition: Deluxe Edition


  • PERFECT UNIFYING FAMILY GAME: Do You Want To Bring Your Family Closer Together? Family Secrets® is a fun tabletop game that tests how well you know your family and helps you to learn more about them. It brings the whole family together with laughter and opens up a dialogue that doesn’t readily occur in daily life. Parents of teens really appreciate this feature. Good clean fun - the perfect multi-generational game for Family Game Night.

  • YOU WILL LAUGH, LEARN and DEBATE: How Much Do You Remember About Your Family’s Past?  Those hysterical past legendary events will inevitably come up with the expected embellishment of time.  And just when you thought you knew your family, they will shock you with something you never expected. Memory is a funny thing and your siblings will be quick to correct your misperceptions of the past.

  • FULL ENGAGEMENT: Are You Tired Of Games Where You Have To Wait For Your Turn?  With Family Secrets®, everyone plays every turn.  No idle or boring wait time.  The game triggers dialogue even after it is over as you will find yourself reliving the questions with each other afterwards. And the stories that you will hear from your parents and grand-parents – OMG!!!

  • HIGH QUALITY, GREEN & EFFICIENT: Would You Like A Game With High Quality Components For A Change? The Family Secrets® game is extremely durable using high quality Dry Erase White Boards, Cool Erasers and Colorful Fine-Tip Markers. The large White Boards provide lots of space that are fun to write on, easy to see and fast to erase. The colorful components make Family Secrets® fun, attractive and enjoyable to play.

  • PLAYERS: How Big Is Your Family?  The Deluxe Edition game is designed for 3-8 players, but can be expanded to 12 with additional components available at no charge on the Family Secrets® Game website.  Works well with adults and older children, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, grandparents, and of course siblings. The questions are designed for family members ages 13 and older.  Each game lasts about 60 minutes.

Publisher: Family Game Developers

Details: Family Secrets® is a fun table top game that breaks down barriers and brings the whole family together through laughter and dialogue. The objective of the game is to create discourse that reveals things about each other while earning points by predicting how your family will answer questions about their habits, behaviors and experiences. However winning is less important and never gets in the way of the fun, as the opportunity to know each other better goes over well with young and old alike. The dice are rolled, the appropriate question is read, everyone responds and the revelations begin! Large Dry Erase boards are provided to capture and share all the responses with everyone. Everyone is involved in every turn, so there is never a boring moment for anyone! And the questions, even the ones that seem so basic and straight forward, have a way of creating discussions and revealing stories that are unexpected. The questions provide an opportunity to learn things and share experiences with your teens, parents and grand-parents that would rarely occur otherwise. You will laugh about the things you didn’t know and take away fond memories of each other that will bring you closer together. The questions in the Deluxe Edition set are intentionally designed to not be too embarrassing or create any controversial parental double-standards. However, if your kids are older, and you really want to open up some revealing dialogue, you can order a set of “red cards” from the Family Secrets® Game website. These more provocative questions may discover even more entertaining family stories! Family Secrets® is a prized addition to any family’s game collection and also makes a great gift that other families will appreciate and thank you for. Order now and bring your family closer together today!

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches

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