Easy ArtWorld's Painting Paint by Number Kits | Beautiful DIY Artwork Painting Set | Includes Frame (Stretcher) 16" x 20" Painting with a Twist Suitable for All Ages (King of Pop, Frameless)

Brand: Easy ArtWorld

Color: King Of Pop


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  • Set with everything you need: 3 different sized brushes, 2 hooks to hang your finished painting, paint set, and canvas.
  • Unlike other paint-by-number kits, our canvases comes pre-stretched on a wooden stretcher already, so you don't have to worry about paying extra to get it done.
  • You will appreciate Easy ArtWorld's high-quality pre-mixed artist's paints in our premium paint-by-number kits.
  • Fun and engaging for the whole family and will make the perfect gift! No experience necessary!

Publisher: Easy ArtWorld


At Easy ArtWorld, we make it easy to create your own masterpiece. We have devised an innovative new way to paint,
simply by combining the effectiveness of coloring by numbers and intricate oil painting.

The simple idea of paint by number makes it effortless for everyone to enjoy as a great time killer, stress reliever,
and fun to collaborate with others!

1. Clear a flat surface and lay everything out for easy access to your kit.
2. Color each numbered space on the canvas with its corresponding paint color.
3. Wash the brushes with water every time you change a color, and make sure to close the paint lid when not in use

When your project is completed and dry, screw on the 2 hooks provided and place the painting on your wall.
You will feel a sense of achievement as the time and effort is worth it!

All our paint sets come with a canvas stretched on a wooden frame (canvas stretcher), so once you complete your masterpiece
you can hang it on your wall to cherish and show off.

1. To achieve the optimal painting, it is best to complete one color starting at #1 and continuing in numerical order.
2. We recommend painting bottom to top and left to right (for right-handers), or right to left (for left-handers).
3. If any mistakes are made, just wait until the paint dries then repaint the spot correctly.
4. Please cover the paint lids well when not using or else they will dry out. If that does happen, just add a small amount of water.
5. Do your own thing! The numbers are there to help create the whole image, but you are free to express your own artistic abilities! It's best to wait until dry before adding new changes.

Pre-printed textured art canvas including a wood frame (canvas stretcher)
3 brushes
a set of acrylic paints
2 hooks
number drawing rendering

EAN: 4202891856452

Package Dimensions: 19.8 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

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