Drunk Confidence Game - A Drinking Party Game for You and Your Overconfident friends. Adult Party Drinking Game.

Brand: Drunk Confidence


  • Drunk Confidence is the perfect adult party drinking game for game night and house party success.
  • 250 cards include a mix of challenges that will let you see how smart and talented your friends really are.
  • Take turns at trying the challenges that range from fun pop culture, to singing, to a little history trivia, to hilarious random acts. Can't beat the challenge?? Then start drinking!
  • Great icebreaker, easy to play, something for everyone, with hours of fun, drinking entertainment!
  • Compact box for easy travel. It's up to the group to decide if you "passed" the challenge. If not, then drink up!

Genre: Party game

Legal Disclaimer: Play responsibly and at your own risk.

Publisher: Drunk Confidence

Details: You know you're drunk when you can play with CONFIDENCE. So you think...you're smart? ...you're funny? ...you're talented? Well, do it with confidence and let your friends be the judge! So it turns out you're overconfident and can't beat the challenge?? Well get ready to drink up! What is DRUNK CONFIDENCE? DRUNK CONFIDENCE is an adult drinking party game for you and your over-confident friends! Let's face it - everything's better with a little competition. Whether you want to break the ice, or uncover hidden talents from people you think you know, DRUNK CONFIDENCE is the perfect way to add some fun drinking entertainment to your night with a party game for groups. From the random, to the hilarious, to things you forgot all about, these challenges have something for everyone. Find out just how committed your friends will be to get your vote. And of course a little drunk confidence always helps! Fun for any number of players - the more the better! Put your skills to the test in this fun, social, entertaining drinking party game. Please drink responsibly (age 21+ of course!) and play at your own risk!

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EAN: 0699252365458

Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches

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