Complete Horse Care Manual

Author: Colin Vogel

Brand: Brand: DK Publishing

Edition: Revised, Updated


  • Used Book in Good Condition

ISBN: 9780756671600

Number Of Pages: 216

Publisher: DK

Release Date: 2011-01-17

Details: A thorough, visually engaging guide to everything you need to know about horse care, from daily chores to caring communication to emergency medicine. Hundreds of full-color photographs and diagrams walk you through everything you need to do to keep your horse healthy and happy, while expert commentary gives you a deeper understand of your animal.

The book is written by veterinary surgeon and horse specialist Colin Vogel, and includes a detailed diagnostic guide to help horse owners identify and treat common ailments and figure out when something is serious enough to call a veterinarian. Vogel also guides readers through the practical, everyday challenges of horse ownership—from putting together a healthy diet for your horse, to understanding its behavior and body language, to setting up a proper outdoor enclosure. Every aspect of horse care is explained in detail, and illustrated with step-by-step photos so you can follow along.

Accessible enough for beginners, and detailed enough that even equine experts will have lots to learn, the Complete Horse Care Manual helps horse lovers of all levels take better care of their animals.

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EAN: 9780756671600

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Languages: English

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