chuanyuekeji Shoe Brush Kit & Valet with Soft Horsehair Bristles & Rubber for Shoes, Dauber, Suede, Nubuck- 6 Pieces

Brand: chuanyuekeji

Color: Black


  • ✔PACK-Pack of 6. All Inclusive Shoe brush kit: Shoe Dauber brush, Crepe Suede Brush, Creep Wood shoe shine Brush, Shoe Horn, Microfiber buffing Cloth and Cloth Lint Brush.
  • ✔Excellent Quality & Design: This shoe brush kit Stay Sharp Looking Wherever You Go. They are handles are made of polishing Beech Wood Handle with Premium 100% Horsehair Bristle (gentle and soft) and they are lightweight, portable and comes with a convenient, elegant travel case. With this set, you can be sure that your shoes will remain sharp-looking and perfectly cleared no matter where you are!
  • ✔WIDE APPLICATION RANGE- Pre-cleaning, shining, rub polishing, daily cleaning and so on, different demands will be satisfied. Shoes, glove, furniture, car inside decoration, purse, cap, belt or other leathers product could be clean easily with this shine brush kit.
  • ✔PERFECT GIFT IDEA: If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a smart-looking friend or family member, look no further! This compact leather shoe brush kit is perfect for every smart dressed or uniformed professional, such as traveling business executives or armed services members. It even comes pre-packed in a semi-glossy easy gift wrap box!
  • ✔QUALITY GUARANTEED: We are confident your shoe will love this brush. So, take it in your travel case all the places you go. We are always here for you, Please Don't hesitate to contact us! Money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Details: Specifications:
Package Dimension: 7.4*3.9*2.4inch
Package Weight: 200g
Package is EVA Leather compact case

Inside Kit (6 in 1):
1 x Dauber Brush
1 x Horsehair Shine Brush
1 x Crepe Suede Brush
1 x Shoe Horn
1 x Microfiber shoe shining buffing Cloth
1 x Foldable Lint brush
1 x Soft Crepe bag

Our shine brush tool kit, especially for the Crepe Wood Brush, professional on dry cleaning to remove suede, velvet skin, matte leather, velvet skin and other types of suede leather stains, also has the ability to repair the fluff and villi. excellent for suede, boots, bags. Soft to the touch, gentle on leather while cleaning & polishing unlike abrasive brushes that damage delicate shoes and leather.

Dauber Brush- Horsehair Shine Brush- Reduce the decontamination on the leather.
Crepe Suede Brush-Applicable for dry cleaning to remove suede, velvet skin, matte leather, velvet skin and other types of suede leather stains, and has the ability to repair the villi. excellent for suede nubuck boots bags.
Shoe Horn-Help you comfortably slip into your shoes without pinching or bulging. Let your feet feeling fine and keep your shoes looking great.
Microfiber shoe shining buffing Cloth-Shine cloth will help you to restore or keep shine on your leather shoe and accessories
Lint Brush-removes clothing, carpets, couches, comforters and more products lint
Soft Crepe bag-Cover all of above products.

Warp Tips: This kit is different from B076J63B7R in that the packing material and size is different. This pacing is a big crepe bag, And will not squeeze the brush again.

UPC: 716045867798

EAN: 0716045867798

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches

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