BlackyVox Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Double Sided Tool Set Sturdy Toolkit 28 Pcs for Polymer Clay Tools For Carving and Chipping Sculpting Tool Set for Beginner Carrying Case Artist Apron Cloth

Brand: BlackyVox


  • RAISE YOUR ART WORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL: These handy little tools of professional pottery tools are lightweight and sharp, providing for fine detailing, accuracy and efficiency. With Blackyvox assorted sculpting supplies , cake decorating, jewelry making and pumpkin carving have never been more fun!We have managed to reduce the number of tools but not their utility.You will find the same number of heads in a smaller volume, eliminating the weight of the case in the idea of a handy handling
  • INVEST IN QUALITY: These durable and finely crafted professional sculpting tools are easresistanty to work with and clean. The wooden handles of the polymer sculpting tools are smooth and comfortable yet ensuring a firm and secure grasp. The corrosion resistant metal of pottery tools are solid and bent but don't break when pressure is applied
  • PUT EACH TOOL TO WORTHY USE: Polymer modeling tools by BlackyVox allow you to use different techniques to create many unique textures and patterns using clay. Metal sculpting tools can be the perfect gift for anyone who wants to play and work with clay, be it a beginner or a professional modeller!
  • CARRY AROUND THE TOOLS IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER:The polymer clay tools kit also contains a case for easy storage and transport of carving tools clay. It's made of durable material so none of the sharp tips of the ceramic sculpting tools pass, so you can safely take your personal set.
  • PROTECT YOUR CLOTHING AND TOOLS:The one-size-fits-all apron is made of waterproof material so that your clothing is safe when you use tools pottery. In addition, the apron is provided with a previous pocket that facilitates easy storage of ceramic sculpture tools.The clay sculpting kit along with apron is ideal when working because it does not limit your movements.We wanted to make the carving set as useful as possible, so we thought we'd add a cloth that helps clean the parts and dry them out.

Publisher: BlackyVox

Details: We created the BlackyVox clay sculpture tools to help you express your creativity because we believe in each of us there is an artist, regardless of preparation, age or mode of expression
We at BlackyVox have managed to reduce the number of tools but not their utility. The buyer will find the same number of heads in a smaller volume, eliminating the weight of the case and the number of pieces in the idea of a handy handling.

👉🏻The sculpture tool set consists of 28 pieces that help to easily handle the clay
👉🏻These tools for polymer clay are a good help for advanced as well as beginners
👉🏻Clay pieces are made of high quality steel so the tips can be durable in time and do not corrode in contact with the material you want to mold
👉🏻The attractive handle of clay tools for polymer is made of wood and treated against moisture
👉🏻These clay carving tools are useful for both smoothing and cleaning, modeling, sculpting.
👉🏻Each tool in the polymer clay metal consists of two heads
👉🏻This pottery sculpting tools set can be used to make dots, lines, remove fingerprints on clay surface and even wax

Every crafts-person should have one
With this polymer clay tool set you can not beat the price for quality and variety

28 ceramics modeling tools
Material: steel and wood
Lenght: 4.92 "-8.07"

1x Case for ceramic tools for pottery
Material: Oxford cloth
Dimensions: Open 28.54 "x 9.84" / Fold: 8.27 "x9.84" x1.57 "
Color: Gray

1 x Apron
Material: Oxford cloth
Dimensions: 28.15 "x20.87"
Color: Gray

1 x Absorbent cloth that helps dry the sculpted tools

This sculpting tool is not available to children, adult supervision is required

UPC: 655222935250

EAN: 0655222935250

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.2 x 1.5 inches

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