Beach Sandy Sand Remover Brush Pack with Microfiber Towel Clean Up Bag for Storage & Screen Wipe. Beach Sport Brushes for Outdoor Yoga/Surfing/Boating/Wedding/Picnic/Gear Clean

Brand: Beach Sandy

Color: Aqua Blue


  • Beach Sandy Beach brush kit portable,lightweight and durable microfiber towel bag with two brushes. A must have for your next trip to the beach! Wipe away sand from surf boards,beach toys, volleyballs,kites,tents,chairs and even the bottom of your beach bag.
  • Easy for kids to use.Learning how to clean up for youngsters on their own fosters independence.They can wipe their beach toys before bringing them home.
  • Light and compact Brushes stow away easily without taking up too much space.
  • Wipe away sand and fingerprints.Dust off sand and sticky sun block laden finger prints on screen devices and eyewear.
  • Clean up your pets! Brush off your dog after a nice beach stroll.Great for cleaning up paws! Relaxing brush strokes will make your pet happy.

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Publisher: Beach Sandy

Details: Beach Sand Removing Brush Kit Sand be gone! Effortlessly clean sand from feet, beach suits, boards, toys and pets, wet or dry! Sand just falls away without sticking to the brush. No more sand in the car or in the house! Leave the sand at the beach and have more free time, with all the cleaning done no dragging sand everywhere! Microfiber towel bag stores brushes and doubles as a cleanup towel and wiping cloth. Efficiently clean screens and sunglasses. 100% Beachwood brushes with horse hair bristle. This stylish kit is a wonderful complement to any beach bag! Beach days will be better! No more mess stress! No more waste of time after a beautiful day of outdoor enjoyment!

UPC: 860007001703

EAN: 0860007001703

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches

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