Atomic Beam As Seen On TV Lantern by BulbHead, Bright 360-Degree LED Panel Lantern Battery Powered (1 Pack)

Brand: Atomic Beam

Color: 1 Pack


  • ➤ The camping lantern that shines 360-degrees of bright LED light
  • ➤ Hang your atomic lantern from handles, magnetic base, or hook for hands-free torch light
  • ➤ Collapsible light has easy pull-n-push on/off system so you're not fumbling for buttons when you need an emergency light
  • ➤ LED Lantern that's great for everyday emergencies, blackouts, camping, boating, and working on the car, making it the perfect tent light, storm light, and fishing light - easily stash this emergency lantern in your disaster kit
  • ➤ Includes 1 Atomic Beam Lantern -- requires 3 AA batteries (batteries not included; Best with Polaroid AA Batteries). Rechargeable batteries are not compatible.

Publisher: BulbHead

Warranty: K

Details: Holds on tight and still shines bright. Don’t be stuck holding your flashlight all night. Enjoy the freedom 360-degree bright LED light with Atomic Beam Lantern. Super bright, flat LED panels shine light wherever you need it. Equipped with a magnetic bottom, Atomic Beam Lantern hangs on tight to any metal surface. The powerful magnets allow you to hang your lantern hands-free, so you can see under the hood of your car, in your basement, and even deep inside your storage shed. The twin handles also allow you to slide an object in, like a rod or branch, so you can hang your lantern. An included hook attached to the bottom of the lantern allows you hang your light where you need fumbling in the dark. Ordinary flashlights and lanterns have buttons that you have to press. Atomic Beam Lantern is so easy to turn on and off. Pull the top of the lantern up for instant bright light. When you’re ready to turn off Atomic Beam Lantern, just push the top down. When the lights go out in an emergency, all you have to do is pull up for light. No fumbling! Use Atomic Beam Lantern for everyday emergencies, blackouts, camping, boating, and working under the hood of your car. The lightweight and portable design allows you to take it anywhere! Good to know. Atomic Beam Lantern uses 3 AA batteries, which are not included. This lantern also contains inaccessible magnets. Keep away from children and medical devices that are magnet sensitive, such as pacemakers. Includes 1 Atomic Beam Lantern. See the difference with Atomic Beam Lantern.

UPC: 097298015960

EAN: 0097298015960

Package Dimensions: 10.4 x 6.0 x 4.1 inches

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