4” x 4” Square Feeding Ring - Practical Floating Food Square - Reduces Waste & Maintains Water Quality - Suitable for Flakes & Other Floating Fish Foods - for Guppy, Goldfish and Other Smaller Fish

Brand: SunGrow


  • ✔ ENCOURAGES PICKY EATERS TO EAT MORE --- Some fish are more finicky than others or may be a bit more shy and not want to eat with the other fish. The SunGrow Floating Fish Feeding Ring allows you to feed specialty foods to the pickier fish while sprinkling standard floating fish food to the general population of fish. It won't take long for your finicky fish to quickly learn that the square fish feeder is where to find their supper.
  • ✔ PREVENTS FISH FROM BEING BULLIES --- A great way to prevent fish in a community tank from being bullies is to use multiple floating feeding rings. Fill one square fish feeder and allow your more aggressive fish to dash over to eat. Once they are occupied, add floating fish food to a second feeding square for the more timid fish. Bullies can't hog all the rings, so add as many as you feel necessary so all your fish can eat in peace.
  • ✔ REDUCES DEBRIS BY KEEPING FOOD CONTAINED --- By placing your pet fish's food directly into the feeder square, it inhibits the flakes and pellets from floating into unwanted places such as the filter. A cleaner aquarium filter is far more effective at keeping your tank's water at a higher quality level and reduces excess debris throughout the tank.
  • ✔ FITS PERFECTLY IN A FISH TANK --- At a convenient size of 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm), the lightweight Square Feeding Ring for small fish from SunGrow is constructed of safe, high quality black plastic. It comes complete with a matching black suction cup to hold it securely in place. You also have the option of allowing the fish feeder to float freely along the surface of your freshwater tank or saltwater aquarium.
  • ✔ SAVES FISH OWNERS' TIME AND MONEY --- Effective and creative, the Square Feeding Ring for your neon tetra, guppy, and goldfish is fantastic at saving money on excess food, maintaining high-quality water and reducing filter clogging. Placing your flakes into a specified area means that you can control the dispersal of food and more is eaten and less is wasted. Less stray food and filter clogs allows you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pet fish.

Publisher: Marimo Pet Store

Details: What are the major advantages to adding a feeding ring?
Not only does the SunGrow Fish Feeding Square make it far more simpler to feed your betta fish, it effectively prevents filter clogs, helps to maintain clean and healthy water and is highly useful when dealing with bullies or finicky fish. A bully fish can only be at one floating feeder at a time, so while he is occupied, the other fish is free to eat from their own feeding station. For picky eaters, add specialty food to specific feeding ring; it won't take long for him to figure out where to get his favorite treats.

Old or injured betta fish may have a hard time seeing their food or reaching the pellets before the water current takes them away or they sink to the bottom. Simply place the feeding square above your betta's head, sprinkle in some floating food and leave him to eat at his own pace. His food will not float astray and afterwards you can easily remove any excess food.

Can I use this floating feeder in any aquarium?
From plakats and crowntail betta fish to tetras, gouramis and mollies, freshwater and saltwater fish of all types benefit from the floating feeder square. A single feed ring works for betta tanks or smaller aquariums while larger fish tanks with numerous community fish may need a couple feeding stations. The black color and sleek square design blends perfectly into the background and adds zero distraction to your unique underwater environment.

Do I need to clean the SunGrow Feeding Ring?
Made with a safe, durable plastic material and secure rubber suction cup, the Square Fish Feeder requires no cleaning or maintenance. Not only that, but it actually minimizes the amount of time and energy you spend cleaning your tank or replacing your filter. People who grow duckweed use the feeding squares to prevent the plants from being propelled underwater because of the return water from the filter. As water levels go down, so do the feeder rings.

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Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.8 x 0.3 inches

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